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Houston Woman Still Waiting to Get Her Child Back After Allegations of Munchausen Syndrome

November 29, 2019
houston woman still waiting to get her child back after allegations of munchausen syndrome

Ajshay James, a woman in Houston, is still waiting, over two years after the State came in and took her 2-year old daughter from her. James’ daughter, Harper, was born with more than her fair share of medical issues which included Munchausen Syndrome. She was in an incubator for the first 4 months of her…

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Can You Reverse an Adoption in Houston, Texas?

November 24, 2019
can you reverse an adoption in houston texas?

It sounds like a terrible thing, but there are times when an adoption in Houston, Texas needs to be reversed. Sometimes it’s because the birth parents changed their mind or challenge the legality of the adoption. Or, the adoptive parents decide that adopting the child may have been a mistake. It’s very rare, but it…

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Custody Dispute in Houston Leads to Gunfire

November 20, 2019
a picture of a gun with bullets around it

We’ve all heard about custody cases that get ugly. The parents can’t get along and it ends up affecting the kids. Sometimes, the parents fight in front of the children. Other times, the parents even get into physical altercations when they’re picking up or dropping off their kids. This is exactly what happened early in…

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What is Considered a Small Estate in Houston?

November 14, 2019
what is considered a small estate in houston?

When your loved one passes away, you need to go through a process called probate. This is when you have to gather all of your loved one’s assets and put them into something called an estate. Once this is done, any creditors of the estate can file a claim demanding payment of any outstanding debts.…

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Texas Custody Case May Impact Rights of Transgender Children

November 8, 2019
news about rights of transgender children

A Texas couple, Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas, had decided to get their marriage annulled three years ago. However, they had children and have been battling over child custody ever since. They couple had a set of twin boys. Apparently, the mother claims that one of their twins, “Luna”, was born a male but identifies…

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Is Divorce the Best Financial Option for Your Family?

November 2, 2019
is divorce the best financial option for your family?

It sounds terrible to even think about money when trying to save your marriage. However, with the economy the way it is, it’s something you have to take into consideration. Some couples contemplating divorce may decide that it’s just not the best financial option. Instead, they either stay together or separate. In an ideal world,…

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New Commissioner of Department of Family and Protective Services Appointed in Texas

October 29, 2019
breaking news, new commissioner of department of family and protective services appointed in texas

New Commissioner of Department of Family and Protective Services appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott this week. The previous commissioner, Henry “Hank” Whitman retired this past June after serving in the post for nearly three and half years. Texas has had a problem keeping people in this position for more than three or four years…

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Do You Need an Attorney in Houston to Adopt a Child?

October 24, 2019
do you need an attorney in houston to adopt a child?

As helpful as adoption attorneys in Houston can be, there’s no rule saying you have to retain one. You can absolutely try to adopt a child on your own. You may be in a situation where you already have a birth mother interested in letting you adopt their child. Or perhaps you’re considering a step-parent…

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Houston Woman Finds Out Her Divorce Isn’t Final Days Before Set to Get Married

October 20, 2019
woman finds out her divorce isn’t final days before they were set to get married

Woman finds out her divorce isn’t final days before set to get married. Imagine hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston, being told your divorce is final, and finding out years later the divorce was never even filed. This is what happened to a woman in Houston, Texas this week. The woman was set to be…

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Can My Child Support Go Up in Houston if I File a Motion to Reduce Support?

October 14, 2019
can my child support go up if i file a motion to reduce support?

There are a lot of parents in Houston who wish they could spend more time with their kids. Or, they’re worried that their ex isn’t really able to care for their children and they want to apply for full custody. The problem is, most people are afraid to file a motion for fear that their…

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