Custody Dispute in Houston Leads to Gunfire

We’ve all heard about custody cases that get ugly. The parents can’t get along and it ends up affecting the kids. Sometimes, the parents fight in front of the children. Other times, the parents even get into physical altercations when they’re picking up or dropping off their kids. This is exactly what happened early in the month in Southwest Houston, Texas. When custody dispute in Houston leads to gunfire.

A man was going to his in-laws house to pick up his child. Apparently, the child’s grandfather was in the home waiting for the child’s father to show up. When he got to the house, the grandfather shot him and killed him.

There were other people in the home at the time, including the child. There is no news as to what lead up to the shooting. However, this is becoming all too common.

For a child to watch their parent get shot and killed in front of them isn’t in anyone’s best interests. Before parents decide to fight in front of their children, they need to take the best interests of their children into account.

Even in Texas, where almost anyone can own a gun, something like this should never happen. What starts out as a simply custody dispute ends up in someone getting killed. The shooting took place at the 4100 block of Beran in Southwest Houston. There is no further information released as to the identity of the man or the shooter.

If you’re going through some custody issues with your ex, it’s better to let your Houston attorney handle it. If you’re dealing with any custody issues, call and schedule a consultation with our office today. It’s important that you protect your kids and not let them witness you and your ex fighting.