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How Can a Parent Relinquish Custody of Their Child?

two parents arguing in front of their young child.

It’s a question that many people ask themselves, and sometimes they’re asking to end their custody and other times they’re asking in response to the termination of parental rights. When you evaluate the options for parents and how they can help their children get a better life, it’s clear that it’s very difficult or challenging…

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Is Probate a Complex Process?

houston probate attorneys

Probate is often more of an inconvenience or mild delay than a complex process. Often the people involved are disappointed because there is very little that they can do during the process. For many, it’s simply a matter of waiting. However, there are situations that lead to complex cases that end in arguments, multiple Houston…

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Can American Families Adopt Foreign Children?

adopt a foreign child

Many American families dream of adding children to their family life. Not everyone is able to have children naturally, and some goodnatured families are just looking to bring in children that need a better start to life. An American family can adopt a foreign child, but it’s a unique process for everyone involved.  When you’re…

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Wife Shot and Killed By Estranged Husband Three Months After She Files for Divorce

wife shot and killed by estranged husband three months after she files for divorce

A woman in Odessa, Texas had filed for divorce from her husband three months ago. Tiffany Nicole Polvon was 35-years old and had been married to her husband, Fabian Chavez Polvon. Polvon, who is 36-year old, was not happy that his wife had filed for divorce. He said that if he found out his wife…

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Are Texas Prenups Enforceable in a Divorce?

texas prenup agreements

In short, most Texas prenup Agreements are enforceable, and you should expect that the document signed before the wedding will hold up now. However, there are times when a prenuptial agreement may have some grey area or be unclear on what it means to divide the property. In those cases, your spouse’s attorney may try…

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Does a Texas Common Law Marriage Need to End In Divorce?

texas common law marriage

Essentially a divorce is necessary to end any marriage. If you’re hoping for a solution to a relationship that simply never made it to marriage, you may be hoping that a common-law marriage will help you avoid a lot of paperwork. Or, it could go the opposite way where you’re hoping to have some degree…

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More Children Leaving Foster Care in Texas than Entering – Record Numbers for 2019

more children leaving foster care in texas than entering – record numbers for 2019

Some states are highly criticized for their foster care system. Thankfully, Texas’s foster care system is actually improving, especially this past year. For the first time in over a decade, more kids are leaving foster care in Texas than are entering. For 2019, there were more than 6,000 children adopted from Child Protective Services in…

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How Expensive Is It To Change My Will?

changing your will

Changing your will is a major step in protecting your wishes when you’re no longer here to defend them. But it’s also something that should undergo some serious thought. Ideally, you’ll want to change your will as little as possible. However, there are certain life changes that almost demand to give your will a little…

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Custody Battle in Harris County After 4-Year Old Girl Murdered

custody battle in harris county after 4-year old girl murdered

Last year, a kidnapping case in Texas made headline news. A 4-year old girl named Maleah Davis was reported missing May 3, 2019. Her mom, Brittany Bowens and her fiancé, Derion Vence, claimed she had been abducted. However, police produced surveillance footage showing Vence carrying out a trash bag the same day they reported her…

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Is It Easier to Adopt a Family Member’s Child?

adopt a family member’s child

When you adopt a family member’s child it is known as a “Relative Adoption” in Texas. That can apply to adopting a grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or sibling. There are often two situations for relative adoptions. Either you have a voluntary adoption arrangement, or you have a child in the family that needs to be…

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