Custody Battle in Harris County After 4-Year Old Girl Murdered

Last year, a kidnapping case in Texas made headline news. A 4-year old girl named Maleah Davis was reported missing May 3, 2019. Her mom, Brittany Bowens and her fiancé, Derion Vence, claimed she had been abducted. However, police produced surveillance footage showing Vence carrying out a trash bag the same day they reported her missing.

Later, Vence admitted that he had killed the child and dumped her body along a highway in Arkansas. The police went to the reported located and found her body.

Now, almost a year later, the child’s family is fighting over custody of her older brother. Her mom and her grandmom, Brenda Bowens are demanding that they have custody of the boy. However, the child’s biological father, Craig Davis, Jr. Is asking that he be given full custody of his son. The claim is that, since the mom was involved in the death of Maleah, she should not be given custody of her son.

The reason this custody case is so controversial is that, prior to being killed, Maleah had been in the custody of CPS. For some reason, the judge gave the child back to her mother in February of 2019. Just three months later, the girl was dead.

Typically, the courts never want to take a child away from their biological parents. However, in a situation like this, we can’t imagine that Brittany Bowens will get custody of her child. And, since the child’s biological dad is willing to take care of the boy, he will likely be awarded custody. That is, as long as he doesn’t have issues of his own.

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