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What if the Administrator of an Estate Isn’t Doing His Job?

April 30, 2019
the estate administrator isn’t doing his job | houston probate attorney

When a loved one dies, the last thing on our minds is how his estate will be handled. Usually, however, the duty of probating a will falls to a family member. As hard as this may be, it’s something that has to be done. This is why most people rely on a Houston probate attorney…

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What Happens to Alimony if my Ex Remarries?

April 20, 2019
what happens to alimony if my ex remarries? | family lawyer in houston

If you get a divorce in Texas, or anywhere for that matter, you may have agreed to pay alimony. You may have agreed to this in your Marital Settlement Agreement or the judge ordered it as part of the final divorce decree. Your family lawyer in Houston probably helped you negotiate a fair amount of…

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What to Do If Your Ex Won’t Let You See Your Kids

April 10, 2019
when your ex won’t let you see your kids | family attorney houston

If you’ve gotten a divorce and have children, you must have a custody agreement. Even if this agreement is something you and your ex have worked out together, there must be something in place. Most people have a court order that outlines the custody agreement. This is drafted by their family attorney in Houston and…

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What is Considered an Illegal Property Transfer for Probate Purposes in Houston, Texas?

March 15, 2019
illegal property transfer for probate purposes probate lawyer houston

When your parents are doing their estate planning, they’re going to try to protect as many of their assets as possible. They would much rather their property go to their family as opposed to creditors. However, there is only so much estate planning can accomplish. If they get to be a certain age or are…

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Are There Certain Things That Can Cost You Custody in Texas?

March 10, 2019
what can cost you custody in texas houston child custody attorney

We always tell our clients that it is very rare that a court would strip a person of their parental rights. It’s one thing to limit visitation to a few days a month. There are even situations where a parent is only entitled to supervised visitation. Some judges will even terminate physical custody if it’s…

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Is There Such a Thing as Grandparents’ Rights in Texas?

March 5, 2019
does texas have grandparents rights houston family lawyer

A lot of people think the know what grandparents’ rights are. But a lot of people have no idea what they are. They also have no idea when they apply. Not all situations entitle you to grandparents’ rights. In Texas, there are only certain situation in which grandparents’ rights exist. In order to qualify for…

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How Can You Offset Alimony Payments in a Texas Divorce?

February 25, 2019
how can you offset alimony payments family law attorney houston

If you get divorced in Texas, you’re going to need to do a lot of negotiating with your spouse. You have to figure out how to divide your assets. You also need to determine child custody and custody support. Depending on how long you were married, you may need to agree on alimony too. In…

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