Wife Shot and Killed By Estranged Husband Three Months After She Files for Divorce

A woman in Odessa, Texas had filed for divorce from her husband three months ago. Tiffany Nicole Polvon was 35-years old and had been married to her husband, Fabian Chavez Polvon. Polvon, who is 36-year old, was not happy that his wife had filed for divorce. He said that if he found out his wife was talking to any other men, he would hunt her down and kill her.

Last week, Tiffany Polvon went to visit the new man in her life, 36-year old Joseph Granado. She had told her cousin that she had made a gift for him and wanted to hand-deliver it to him near his job. They were parked in Granado’s Escalade outside the Apex Car Wash in Odessa when Fabian Polvon pulled up in his Ford F-350 pickup truck.

Polvon smashed into the Escalade and then walked up to the driver’s side window. He pointed the gun at Granado and shot him. He actually shot the man multiple times according to reports. He then went to the other side and dragged his wife Tiffany out of the passenger side of the vehicle and proceeded to shoot her.

Police said that Polvon knew his wife was dating Granado and knew where he lived. He was also believed to have installed a tracking device on his wife’s car. That’s the only way he possibly could’ve known where she was that afternoon.

Polvon went to his father’s house and confessed that he had shot his wife and Granado. He said he wanted to turn himself in. He has now been arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder.

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