Houston Woman Finds Out Her Divorce Isn’t Final Days Before Set to Get Married

Woman finds out her divorce isn’t final days before set to get married. Imagine hiring a divorce lawyer in Houston, being told your divorce is final, and finding out years later the divorce was never even filed. This is what happened to a woman in Houston, Texas this week.

The woman was set to be married to her fiance when she said something made her suspicious about her divorce. She called the Houston County Court Clerk and found out that, not only was her divorce not final, it had never even been filed. Now, the woman can’t get married to her new beau until she gets this sorted out.

Apparently, the victim had hired an associate at the law office of Kevin Walding to handle her divorce. The female associate took her money, but never filed the divorce. She even went so far as to falsify documents and forge signatures of both the local court clerk and the family law judge.

The man the victim thought she had divorced is impacted as well. He had left the state and remarried another woman some time ago. He is now told that his marriage isn’t legal because he was technically still married at the time of the wedding to his new wife. Now both the man and woman need to sort their old marriage out before they can forge ahead with their new partners.

The woman accused of falsifying the documents has been charged, but no details have been released regarding her name of the specific charges filed. She still works for the lawyer whose firm was hired to handle the victim’s divorce. She has a lawyer representing her from another firm.

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