Texas Custody Case May Impact Rights of Transgender Children

A Texas couple, Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas, had decided to get their marriage annulled three years ago. However, they had children and have been battling over child custody ever since. They couple had a set of twin boys. Apparently, the mother claims that one of their twins, “Luna”, was born a male but identifies as a girl now. The child is only 7-years old so they are wondering the rights of transgender children.

Until recently, the parents enjoyed joint custody of the twins. However, recently, Georgulas told her husband that she intended to have “Luna” treated by a doctor and psychologist for his transgender issues. There was even talk of Luna being given certain chemicals that would prevent him from going through puberty as a male. The father, Jeffrey Younger, wanted none of that to happen.

Younger had file a motion asking for full custody. He had accused his ex-wife from pushing the issue of transgender identity onto Luna. According to Younger, the child identifies as a boy but his ex-wife was trying to make him identify as a girl. He even built a website that went viral, asking people to save Luna and to support him in his cause.

Despite his claims of abuse, in a recent custody hearing, the jury found in favor of the child’s mom. They actually granted full custody to Georgulas and didn’t believe what Younger said about her forcing their child to become a female.

The judge, after reviewing the jury’s decision, decided to reinstate the joint custody order. There is now a lot of controversy over the case because it raises the issue of health care and mental health care for young, transgender children.

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