Houston Woman Still Waiting to Get Her Child Back After Allegations of Munchausen Syndrome

Ajshay James, a woman in Houston, is still waiting, over two years after the State came in and took her 2-year old daughter from her. James’ daughter, Harper, was born with more than her fair share of medical issues which included Munchausen Syndrome. She was in an incubator for the first 4 months of her life. When she did go home, she still had breathing issues. She also had a heart condition that required her to wear a heart monitor.

James’ had to watch her daughter go through multiple surgeries and tons of medical procedures. When Hurricane Harvey hit, her house was flooded. Afraid she’d lose power and her daughter’s medical equipment wouldn’t work, she called for an ambulance. They had to come pick her and her 2-year old daughter up in a rescue boat.

Once they got to the hospital, the doctors there said they needed to keep her overnight for some tests. They told her they discovered she didn’t need breathing machines. Then they told her they didn’t think her daughter needed anti-seizure medication. And, while this should’ve been great news for Ajshay James, it was not. That’s because they also told her that they think she’s been exaggerating her daughter’s illness.

She was able to take her baby home, but two days later, Child Protective Services came to her house and took Harper from her. They said they thought her mother was fabricating the child’s illness due to something called Munchausen Syndrome. This is when a child’s parent exaggerates their child’s illness in order to get much needed attention.

Now, two years later, James still doesn’t have her child back. The court has given her to the paternal grandparents. James continues to fight for her child back. If you’ve been dealing with custody issues, call our family law attorneys right away.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/doctors-accused-her-abusing-her-child-medical-care-investigation-raises-n1063506