NASA Astronaut Anne McClain Irate that Judge Reopened Custody Case

NASA astronaut Anne McClain is irate that judge reopened custody case. Recently, a custody battle between NASA astronaut, Anne McClain and her wife, Summer Worden made headline news in Texas. The two had filed for divorce and were fighting for custody of their children.

During the custody case, Worden made accusations that McClain had somehow accessed her bank records from outer space while on a mission. She claimed that the astronaut wanted to get this information to hurt Worden’s chances of gaining custody in court.

After seeing how the media treated both of them, the women agreed to dismiss the case. They thought they had heard the end of it. They were wrong.

Last week, the women learned that, upon motion by an amicus attorney, the judge handling their case reopened their case. Judge Linda Dunson agreed to reopen the custody case without talking to either McClain or Worden. In fact, neither woman had asked the court to reopen the case. The judge didn’t even let them respond to the motion.

McClain is upset with both the attorney who filed the motion and Judge Dunson. She said this is all in an attempt to extort more attorney fees out of her and, presumably, Summer Worden. She also thinks the judge is enjoying all the media coverage the case is getting.

Normally, things like this don’t happen. While no specific reason has been given, the judge in this case may believe that reopening the case is in the best interests of the children. However, the parties would normally have the opportunity to argue this kind of motion in court. That didn’t happen here.

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