Mexican Father Fighting for Custody After Being Deported

Juan Carlos Mastache is a single father of three little kids. Until May of last year, he was living in Longview, Texas. He was raising his children on his own because his wife had been out of the picture for years. She had drug problems and was no longer involved with their children. Mastache also had no other family in the United States, where he had lived and worked for about 20 years.

Unfortunately for Mastache, he was in this country illegally. He also had a criminal history. When this caught up with him in May of 2019, he was deported. He was sent to Mexico, a place he hadn’t lived in for over 20 years. Initially, when he was sent back there, he was kidnapped and held for ransom. After gaining his freedom, he decided to fight to get his kids back.

When Mastache was deported, his kids were placed with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. There was nobody else there to take care of his kids since all of his family was back in Mexico. He doesn’t even have any idea where his kids are living or what sort of family they were placed with.

After raising his kids on his own, Mastache now only gets to talk to them one a week on the phone. He cannot come back to the U.S. His only choice is to convince a judge to let him take his children back to Mexico with him. In order to do this, his family lawyer must show the judge that it’s in the best interests of the kids to make this move.

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