Man Faces Lethal Injection for Murder of Wife After She Files for Divorce

Usually, when a couple files for divorce, it can get ugly and contentious. But, ultimately, both parties accept the fact that the marriage is over and the divorce is finalized. This is always the hope. However, there are unique cases where one of the spouses simply can’t accept that the marriage is over. This was the case in North Texas this week.

Back in January of 2005, a woman named Tammy Gardner filed for divorce from her husband of 6 years, John Gardner. The divorce was to be final on February 7, 2005. The woman had told her friends and employer that she was afraid if she didn’t leave her husband, he would eventually kill her.

Unfortunately, for Tammy Gardner, her prediction came true. Just two weeks before her divorce was to be finalized, John Gardner broke into his wife’s home and shot her in the head while she was asleep in bed. She was taken to the hospital, but died two days later. Gardner was charged and convicted with the murder of his wife.

This week, John Gardner was scheduled to be put to death using lethal injection in Texas. His attorney made a last-minute appeal of ineffective counsel. He claimed that his client was suffering from abandonment syndrome and that this was why he killed his wife. The Supreme Court rejected his argument and confirmed his execution as scheduled.

While this is a unique story, it still is frightening. If you are looking to get divorced from your spouse, make sure you call an attorney right away. There is no need to stay with someone that threatens to harm you.

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