A False Accusation of Child Abuse Tears a Family Apart in Houston

Most of us think of doctors as being there to help us. When something happens to our children, we don’t think twice about taking them to the emergency room. We love our children and want the best for them. So when you wake up in the middle of the night and your child isn’t breathing, you do just that. You take them to the hospital. The whole way there, you’re panicking and praying to God that your child is okay. So, what happens when you get to the hospital and the doctors blame you? This is exactly what happened to Ann Marie and Tim Timmerman of Houston. A false accusation of child abuse tears a family apart in Houston.

Earlier this year, their 4-month old baby boy Tristan was limp and lifeless in his father’s arms. They took him to local hospital and were told that he had a tiny brain bleed and would be okay. They felt an immense sense of relief. That is, until a second doctor came into the room and said she had a different opinion.

The second doctor told the couple that she believed the child had suffered bleeding in the eye. She said she believed it was the result of them shaking the baby. Despite their protestations, the child was removed from their custody pending an investigation.

A recent report released earlier this month shows that this happens more than you may think. Dozens of families in Texas are torn apart due to zealous doctors who are quick to point to child abuse as the cause of childhood injuries.

While most of these parents do eventually regain custody of their children, it is a long and painful process.

If you and your spouse have been accused of something like this, you need to contact us for help.