6-Year Old Boy Has Been in the Custody of Child Protective Services for Over 18 – Months

When a child is removed from their parents’ home by Child Protective Services, they’re placed in the foster care system. The problem is, there’s no guarantee that the foster home will be any safer than the home they came from. This was the case for a 6-year old boy in Texas.

About 18 months ago, the boy was removed from his mother’s home by Child Protective Services. He was placed in foster care for quite some time when CPS realize the boy was the victim of sexual abuse. One of the children in the foster homes he was placed in sexually abused the child. 

The 14-year old who abused the child was never charged with any crime. The child was simply removed from the home and placed with another child. CPS filed a motion with the court asking that the mother’s parental rights be terminated. This dated back to the original removal of the child from his mother’s home.

Instead of honoring this request, the judge actually ordered that the child be removed from the custody of Child Protective Services. There was no confirmation on whether the mother’s rights were actually terminated. The problem is – when CPS can’t take care of a child, what do you do? The court wasn’t clear on exactly what will happen with the boy. He was already supposed to have been adopted four times and it fell through. Hopefully, the fate of this child will be determined sooner rather than later. 

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Source: https://www.fox26houston.com/news/motions-filed-in-case-involving-jury-decision-to-not-allow-cps-to-have-custody-of-6-year-old-boy